The studio was empty, the echo of her heels resounding around the room as she strutted towards her target who sat anticipating her arrival. A decade had past since their last meeting but the lust had never died, today Sky was willing to risk it all for one night of inhibited pleasure that only he could provide. Many nights she had dreamt of the moment she would saddle Kareem again but with the circumstances surrounding them both the journey had been impossible until tonight.

Stopping feet before him Sky removed her dress in one fluid motion as she unzipped the front revealing her immaculate waist line and thunder thighs. Unable to remove his eyes from her peep show he cupped his manhood and prayed it could withstand the pressure. Her fingers teased the waist band of her thongs tantalizing his body with her tongue sliding along her lips seductively. They had waited so long for this moment what was a few more minutes of pleasurable torture. The thongs traveling down her thighs and his heart beat faster as she stepped out of the beautiful pink victoria secrets. Stroking his staff he groaned. “Didn’t I say silence. ” She whispered.

Biting his lip he trembled, this chick was bad and he loved bad. The scent of her prefume filled the room and her essence swel. led his heart even though their union was wrong he couldn’t resist. “What are you thinking?”

Sweat popped up on his brow as her bra fell to the floor and the first think that popped out of his mouth was “Damn. ”

Laughing Sky strode towards him stopping just before him she touched herself. “So Kareem you’ve got it, what do you want to do with it. ” Lost for words and control Kareem buried his face in her hidden treasure and drank from her foundation like a man deprived of water. Stroking the top of his head as he nibbled her lotus bud Sky watched in the mirror behind. “Take your time Kareem we got all night. ” Lifting his head for less than five seconds he winked.

The sounds of slurping and sucking filled the dance studio as he tried to drain her body of pearly juices. Letting the wave of exstacy take her Sky shuddered and rocked as she came full force squirting like a pro. Coming up for air his face lathered in her fluids Kareem moaned. “Damn. ” Looking down at her feet Sky smiled. “Now Kareem you know you got to be punished for that how we gonna work if you keep coming. ” Ashamed Kareem lowered his gaze to his throbbing manhood seeping semen as she spoke. “ I guess play times over.” Picking up her discard dress and thongs she screamed.

Holding her pony tail in his grip Kareem eased her round. “See I’m tired of playing this game with you leaving me begging for more how about I take it. ” With a glint in her eyes and throbbing between her thighs Sky succumbed to the man. “Take it” she purred sweetly.

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Its always the dream of every black woman keeping it real to be a “Wifey”!

But what the fuck is a wifey?

Ok let me break this down real quick because we have to get to the “Matey” Section and that’s LONGGGGG.

Oh and not to forget the REAL WIFE section.
SMH. Hmmm Hmmm. SNM


▪At least one – four “youth “or “pickney” for the man.

▪A council flat half decorated.

▪ A club hoe who raves weekends instead of teaching her kids positive things she plays Vybz Kartel.

▪the person he lives with.

▪Has a inkling about Matey but has no clue about the Real Wife.


▪ Lives on her own

▪ Calls when she’s in need of nails, hair, clothes, parking fine and waxing treatments. Not to forget credit.

▪ Claims no man stress but can’t understand why she sleeps alone( stop tek people man and find your own. )

▪ Up in the Club beside “Wifey” throwing words brandishing the wears that could have filled “Wifeys” cupboard.

▪Is a friend of a friend or better still a friend of a relative.

▪ Has children you hardly ever see.

▪Does Hair in her kitchen or serves at a restaurant.


▪Wears the ring

▪House on point.


▪ Drives

▪Get pussy pension weekly sometimes without freeing up the ! You know.

▪Has a few kids.

▪Doesn’t know a damn thing about Wifey and Matey.

If you have ticked any of these boxes

The moral of the story don’t give yourself away to cheap and be surprised when a low bidder picks you up. Be grateful for a man that shows his love over the one who pledges it.



The curtains had been drawn the bed immaculately made with the corners tucked in and everything. Downing the champagne he had saved for a special occasion for some reason she felt extra special. It was almost time for him to arrive home from work and she had a sneaky suspicion he assumed she was playing. Smirking she giggled at her mischief and waited for the familiar tinkle in the lock.

An hour later the sound appeased her nerves as his angry face glared at her from the door way. “This is no longer a joke, I dont know what your playing at but its….” The words were stuck in his throat as he spotted the gun in her grasp.

“I think its funny a grown man like you unable to control his bodily functions. Actually I think its hilarious. ” And with that she laughed. “See I have stuck with you through years of your bullshit so I think its only fair you endure a week of mine. ”

” But a bomb Ice is too far. ” King had started his car as usual after work only for the CD player to start playing bomb explosions and bullets sound with ascending screams. King had envisioned a war zone ducking and praying to God he wet himself in shock.

“It was only urine besides its only sunday I still got six more days on the cards. ”

“What’s it gonna be next a noose. ” Throwing down his suitcase he sighed. ” Look my work requires me to be accessible and the meeting today was nessacary. ”

Ice missed the last sentence as she concentrated on applying her lipstick flawlessly. Smacking her lips together she grinned. ” Nah a noose is too easy. As a matter of fact the next thing should be arriving in just a few minutes. ” As if on cue the doorbell rang and behind the door stood a beautiful specimen of manliness. “Don’t wait up I might be late. ” Snatching his discarded keys off the table she straighten her skirt and opened the door. “Hi, let’s go. ”

” Ice who the hell is that. ” Slamming the door behind her Ice pushed her arm through her saperones and walked down the path to the waiting limousine. “Ice. ” King yelled.

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It was two o’clock in the morning and sleep still hadn’t come, letting the tears fell from her face in a waterfall cascade Ice thought of the life she could have had. It wasn’t the first night King hadn’t come home but every time it hurt more and still she stayed strong and faithful. Before she had convinced herself it was for the children but as the years went by she had been forced to face the truth. At 3:32 am the tinkling of keys dried up her self pitying wailing rubbing her face dry before retreating under the covers she closed her eyes and waited for the familiar footsteps.

Entering the room on tip toes King sighed with relief as the bundle in his bed remain still. The time had not been at the forefront of his minds and even in the early hours of the morning he wished he’d stayed in the warm arms a little longer. Removing his shoes he undressed quickly and quietly before slipping in beside his wife. Careful not to touch or move her he snuggled beneath the blanket returning to the sleep he had broken . Snoring within minutes King rolled over, creeping from the warm confines of the bed Ice did what many suspicious wives had done before her. Picking up his discarded pants and jacket she crept from the room like a thief in the night.

Receipts checked, phone checked and still no incriminating evidence she felt relief. Thanking the Lord for her lack of discovery and cursing the devil for his eager disapproval and jealously she replaced the items where they were and tip toed back to bed. Happy. In the morning she would remove the gun from her bag and find another way to lure her husband back home. Even though killing him was drastiic Ice could see no other way, King couldn’t give her back her life. Prison time wasn’t really for her anyway , sniffing at the mere thought of a 6foot cell she lay back down with a smile on her face. At least tonight he had been true.

Morning came in a hurry as she readied herself for work Kings snoring still rattled out of his mouth. Stepping on a piece of paper the scrap stuck to the front of her wedge lowering she removed the paper. The sliver paper had ridges all round the edges and the tell tale smell of latex she choked. “King. ” Not the easiest of men to wake she ripped the comfortable cocoon he had created in her absence from the bed gaining his full attention.

“What the hell?” Sitting up King wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“What the hell is this. ” Brandishing the silver and blue wrapper like a knife Ice seethed.

Waving away the oncoming wrapper King cleared his throat. “Look Ice its too fucking early for this. I don’t know what it is now give me back the sheet ”

” Hell no. ” She yelled, scanning the floor for anymore evidence she may have dismissed in the dark and something snapped.

” Your crazy you know that. How much times do I have to tell you I’m not doing nothing and I love you. You know what forget this. ” Climbing out of the bed King stood erect smiling at the uncertainty in his wife face.

“You act as if I’m crazy but I know I’m not. ” Sensing her weakness he grinned making a fatal mistake. Pulling the gun from her purse Ice let dog bark. The bullet race towards the target grazing his left leg. Squealing like a wounded pig King held the wound with his hand. ” What the fuck you doing yóu crazy bit….” It had been a long time since she had held the heavy metal in her hands but the trigger felt like home laughing manically she scared him.

” Go on. Your lucky Its only grazed but if you say one more word ill splatter your brains all over this fucking room.” Waving the gun Ice continued. ” What the fuck is wrong with you? Or me for that matter? Why I keep putting up with your shit is beyond me and it gets me nowhere. Belinda, Sherry, Denise and who ever else but no fucking more. You hear me King. No more. ” King stared at his wife like she had truly lost her mind at right then he was convinced she had. ” Now I know better so here’s what’s gonna happen. You are gonna stop messing around and respect me. I’m not ready to quit even if you are. I’ve been faithful and a good wife so try me if you will but just know this any funny shit I won’t miss your balls but you will. Get my drift. So If you think I’m joking try me and see. “. Replacing the gun in her purse she strutted from the room leaving her perfume behind.

Examining his bleeding leg King cursed his carelessness before sitting back on the bed now wide awake. He picked up the house phone and dialled. “Janice , Morning babe. I know next time I will stay till morning. “


Carpe diem.

The only way to deal with a problem was head on and that is what I was about to do. Graham had been having an affair for the past year while I milled about like a faithful puppy sleeping on the edge of his masters bed. Well no more. Examining my body in the mirror I overlooked the thin lines trailing my stomach like a map. The slightly drooping breast and just saw a bored housewife with a straying husband who didn’t actually look too bad. Cupping my breast, holding in my stomach I grinned. Sliding into the red crotchless satin thongs with a neat black bow on the back my clean shaven puss winked.  Attaching the matching red bra I checked my reflection once more with a glint in my eye.

“What’s all that for. ” Spinning on my heels I disguised my shock since I hadn’t heard him enter too engrossed in my self.

“I’m not sure that’s any of your business. Since work is at the fore front of your mind.  ” He lowered his head as I knew he would.

Seating myself on the edge of the bed slowing rolling the stockings up my thighs I waited for him to leave.

“Why must you do this Delilah. ” Innocently I covered my mouth while my intentions tingled the creases of my thighs. “I’m goingto fix the fridge I meant to do it two weeks ago.” Fanning him away I applied the red rouge I had saved for special occasions.

The wardrobe a paradise of garments held my gaze until a chill filtered down my spine. Ice, cold and wet sliding its way down my spine. Moaning unintentionally I buckled. “Come here. ” He growled in my ear making my heart sore as he carried me to the bed.

A cooler bucket of ice sat at the foot of the bed. He had come prepared doing as I was told I  laid  back for what looked like a prime time. Shifting my legs so they were spread eagle giving him full view of moisten cavern, a wicked smile curled his lips as from behind his back he produced a large chip of ice.  trailing it up my right leg I wriggled while he restrained my left leg  until the cool water dripped slowly on my clitoris. Neglecting the ice between my legs a small puddle of defrosted water mingled amidst my womanly juices beneath me.
“You like this. ” Nodding like a grateful child I accepted the rapidly defrosting ice between my lips sucking seductively while he peeled his shirt from his back and stepped out of his trainers.

Sliding between my legs he let his tongue play were the ice had rested licking the numbness from my swollen jewel. Cupping my buttocks pulling me closer to the warm gulf his mouth created, around my precious path his tongue twirled and flickered while my toes curled and the sheets crumpled. “Push it in. ” I purred my vioce no longer my own.

Flipping my onto my stomach I raise my butt arched my back and excepted the thick shaft ridge with pulsating veins and moaned. Gripping my waist he applied pressure slowly before ramming his length to the hilt, groaning with agony and pleasure I rocked on his manhood like a trained jockey. Although the heat between my legs still burned his premature ejaculation was brushed under the carpet as he feasted upon me until the ripples in my body ceased. Leaving him to shower I lay back on the bed an considered my early woes maybe Graham wasn’t so bad after all. Kissing him softly before he walked through the door his work unfinished I returned to my love den unable to scrape the smile off my lips.

Straightening the bed my orgasm rinsed from my body but still glowing in my face I heard the heavy footsteps in the passage way and tucked in the last corner. With a quick spray of my chanel perfume I greeted my husband as I always did conservativly dressed with a bright smile and kiss on the cheek.

“Did he come?”

“Who. ”

“My brother.  To fix the fridge. ” He tutted.

“Oh yeah he just came. ” Retreating downstairs to the kitchen I giggled like a naughty school girl as the broken fridge light flickered. There was always tomorrow.

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Darkness was her friend as she strolled through the dead and long forgotten into the Garden of remberance. The miniature stones, teddies and candles all signified a memory of a love one. Pausing at the edge of the path she let her fingertips grazed the surface of the gravestone trailing the letters lovingly. Rain fell lightly as she stood in silence holding the umbrella high she made one last gesture to her dead son before strolling back down the dirt path. She had brought destruction to many while her heart grieved for one the tattoo in his memory still itched yet his four year old body remain cold. The stray tear that trailed her cheek was wiped away aggressively. Generals don’t cry

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The inferno blazed heat kissed the ground in a steam black plumes of smoke erupting in the sky as the building burned. The world had gone mad. In fact people have gone mad.

No one listens to these tactics they are futile.

Why destroy our homes,streets,area. I mean look around you what do you see.


We might not be poor migth not be starving.

But we need our supermarkets. Our furniture stores and Curries to upgrade our shit.

Your anger is misdirected at the working man when the police commited another unforgivable act against another in a long list of black men.

Why didn’t all these people come out in force for the million man march. There is nothing wrong with a peaceful protest.

Black people we are being used to deploy our hatred in the wrong direction.

There are white kids out there.
Asain Kids. Jewish Kids all kinds of F-ing Kids.

But these kids will not be mentioned. Very few of them will be arrested.


Listen up they will chew you up in their system of disadvantage. They will set an example of you for the world to see.

You are messing up years of hard work if you pander to the trap set by the system to let you roam the streets. YOU will pay for it later they will make sure.

People like Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King. Or even closer to home our ancestors on the Windrush who fought against racism and prejudices. Worked hard so we didn’t have too.

Now they sit in their houses afraid of what they have created and ashamed of you all.

Letters. Protests. Using the right methods will get you further now the label of Thugs. Hooligan. Looters. Fit.

Well I’m a proud black woman and I love my people but I am truely shocked that we have been dragged back into the media eye for foolishness and pray it stops soon.

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